Project Moken – A Norwegian Production about the Moken People

On an island in the Mergui archipelago outside Myanmar and Thailand, the young speardiver Hook of the Moken sea-nomads wonders what the future holds. He was raised on the family’s Kabang (ancient dug-out sailing vessel) with the ocean as his universe. Like his peers, Hook grew up as much below water as above; he learned to swim before he could walk. He knows all the signs of the ocean; he knows every coral, plant and fish. As a nomad of the sea, time is measured in seasons and his language holds no word for “hello” or “goodbye”. Today his indigenous lifestyle is under threat. His people have never held a national citizenship; they have no legal rights.

Directors statement: The Moken might be one of the few human cultures left on the planet that can tell us what we’ve lost in the Modern World. Under constant threat, their way of life is now in danger of disappearing, and the cultural fabric of the world impoverished by their loss. I want to tell the Moken’s story to the world, so that we may know them and what they represent. – Runar Jarle Wiik

Director Runar Jarle Wiik. An established Norwegian film director and cinematographer (DOP). His two latest films as cinematographer on indigenous issues have won international awards. Runar has exclusive access to the Moken community in the Mergui and has been developing the documentary “No Word for Worry” as part of Project Moken since 2007. For more information on Director Runar Jarle Wiik go here

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Project Moken - A Norwegian Production about the Moken PeopleMerguiislands

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