Kawthaung City Guide – What to do – Excursions

Kawthaung (known in colonial times as Victoria Point), is the southernmost city or major hub in Myanmar. It is very well known for border crossings from the Thai City of Ranong, about a 20 minutes trip across the water for a visa run or a bit of sightseeing and shopping. Most tourist that come to this point arrive from Phuket and stay a very short time in the city. That is why most restaurants and shops are around the pier or jetty.

It is a nice city to walk around the harbour or waterfront sides and see the mixed Muslim, Indian and Burmese culture. You can visit a temple or see the view from the top.

The Maliwun waterfall is a nice spot which is worth a visit if you have time to kill; you can swim, and it has a small water park with slides. It is located 24km from Kawthaung, and costs about 30 usd for a return taxi fare.

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