A guide to Boulder Island


The island of Boulder AKA Nga Khin Nyo Gyee (Burmese name) AKA  Horsburgh Island (Old English name) is located in the Mergui Archipelago, and is one of the most Western Islands of Myanmar. It is only 1.6 kilometer wide from north to south or from east to west. The Boulder Bay Eco Resort is located on the main bay and the longest and most beautiful beach called Boulder Bay. When entering the Bay you will see the significant huge Boulder located in front of the beach, almost falling into the ocean and resembles the famous Golden Rock on Myanmar. 


There are seven amazing beaches to explore, starting from your bungalow location its a few steps away to walk onto Boulder Bay. Located next is Eagle Bay, which comes from the abundance of the Brahmani Kite Eagle nesting around this area and a 5 minute rock climbing adventure away. A new trail is now ready to walk there overland, right next to the solar panel farm of the resort.

About 800 meters away, a 15 minute walk through the tropical rainforest passing an amazing Bamboo forest you will arrive at Bamboo Bay, a beautiful beach on the west side of the Island.

On the North we can visit Moken Beach and Sisters Beach, which also has a small secret beach which you can only access by swimming.

The two beaches on the west are very small but also charming to watch the sunrise, called Cliff Beach and Pebble Beach.


A guide to Boulder IslandMerguiislands

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